This is Official Website of Mahamedhavi YouTube Channel. This site is founded by Avinaash Kumar.

Hey there! My name’s Avinaash Kumar and I like to share my ideas through YouTube videos and Articles. I talk about Career, Business, Productivity and Life.

Most of the advice I got from early age is fake, impractical and idealistic but never practical. From an Early age I was determined to understand how the real world works. I used my own life as a guinea pig to experiment and learn about the world we live in.

My mission is to offer real world advice that will directly benefit people. I make it a point to stay away from sweet sounding diplomatic advice. Everything I say on my website and videos comes directly from my heart and the pain i endured throughout my years.

For most people content creation is about money, for me its about changing lives. Which is why I take my sweet time to produce a video/article/content piece of any kind.